Tuesday, June 7, 2011

S is for Sparkle

I have a slight obsession with things that are sparkly & shiny. After a manicure, I stare at my fingers because they look like juicy candy. I have shoes that are covered in black sequins and I like to wear them when I feel blah. I also like to wear them on days ending in 'ay' but let's not split hairs.

Recently I purchased a glittery nail polish that I thought would be oh so very magical. Sadly, I can barely get one piece of glitter out of it. I need tips! How do I get this

 to look like this?
I'm just a nose twitch away from pouring some glitter on my nails. Now, I have regular old shimmery, glittery nail polish but I just want more. I want the exact $2.80 bottle of polish in rainbow madness to infect my nails with the herpes of the glitter world!

In case you were wondering about today and my streak of amazing luck at work, it was a less than glorious day. Let's just leave it there and mention that as I type this I'm watching the instant classic Tangled.

Ponder with me, if you will, should I partake in the 30 for 30 challenge? If I DO partake, what if I happen upon something while thrifting that is so amazing I must own it? I think I'll have to make it my own if I decide to do it. Oh the questions that plague...

In case you need some sparkle in your life, I'm here to help:

Martha Stewart glitter for all your crafting needs

Admittedly, there isn't too much glimmer here, but aren't these Tiffany & Co sunglasses simply divine? Me wants them.

Mark my words, next year I will either come to school wearing this ban.do treasure in my hair or attached to my coat. End of story.

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