Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday


- Typing a sentence and having it come out all discombobulated like so: Trtubg ti taje iytfut ou.
- Attempting to take a photo outside without a tripod & with my laptop on Photobooth instead. Terrible, terrible decision-making & planning. Ending up taking a photo inside with terrible lighting in front of my bedroom door. #Winning
- Realizing that I own a skirt that is technically an antique. This is only awkward because I purchased it myself from an Abercrombie back when I liked Abercrombie... oh high school.
- Butt-sniffing dogs. I'm sorry but this is awkward no matter what, but especially when it's a dog who has gotten loose from his yard and most especially when you are wearing a short skirt.
- Saying stupid things like, "Time for the bed to get a watch- heh" while in a sleep-induced stupor.
- When I take my niece & nephew to a store or a restaurant and someone comments on my figure after 2 children. The conversation usually consists of me telling them thank you, yes they are adorable, and I didn't actually have the 2 children, but thank you. They always look uncomfortable and I always think maybe I should have just let them believe I bounced back that quickly.
-The buzzing my dryer makes when the laundry is dry- it doesn't stop on its own anymore.


+ Getting my {beautiful} scarf from Danielle at Mrs. Yancey Goes to Birmingham. I love it!
+ Finding all the thrift stores in my local area & coming up with a plan to visit & dominate them.
+ McDonald's smoothies. My goodness they are delicious & I've become a junkie
+ New sketchpads & brilliant ideas <3
+ My friend Jess organizing a craft fair at the local school very close to Christmas & the pictures that have been posted of all the great merchandise.
+ Ordering from amazon Prime. 2 day shipping is the bee's knees.
+ Finding a package of Polaroid film that I didn't know I had. Don't you just love pleasant surprises?
+ Speaking of pleasant surprises: The Oscar de la Renta scarf I found at Goodwill. If I tell you the price, you won't even believe it & you'll come up here to scour the place for more.
+ Fun phone apps like Words With Friends & Cestos.

And here's me pondering life's big mysteries:

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