Friday, June 29, 2012

kids say the darndest things

Holy moly are children hilarious.

These two little girls are so stinking adorable. I just want to see the bad haircut. Also, why didn't I ever think to cut my sisters' hair? There were 3 of them! It would have been so easy...

Anyway, it's the Friday before the fourth of July and it's supposed to get hot, hot, hot this weekend. Hotter than half-naked Channing Tatum? It's possible. What are your Friday plans? I'll probably listen to some jazz & ride a horse. {RIDE A HORSE!}

Thursday, June 28, 2012

thursday latelies

I don't know what I did yesterday but one minute I was cleaning and the next I was sneezing up a storm, itching my eyes, and howling. The only way to describe it was that I'm pretty sure I was feral OR having an allergic reaction to some unknown contaminant. Either way, my eyes ended up swelling and they're still not back to normal today.

That said, I wanted to link up with Bex for Thursday Latelies and do a vlog. Obviously that's not happening while my eyes look engorged less than awesome. Instead, I'll use photographs to show you what is pleasing me this week.

This skirt. This is the skirt that dreams are made of. First of all, it shines and we all know how much that pleases this girl. It's much shorter than what I would usually wear, but after trying it on and seeing that my hoo-hah wasn't showing I knew I needed it in my life.

These notebooks. Despite my announcement on Twitter that I am an office supplyaholic, when I saw the pink version of this notebook on the Glitter Guide {LOVE} instagram, I almost ran right out to buy some. It just so happens that I needed to go on a Target excursion and found myself in the stationery aisle face to face with my future.

via Google

The return of Pretty Little Liars. So this didn't happen this week, but I am so excited this show is back on the air and I kind of wish it was on every night. I make due with the first season on netflix instant but it just isn't enough. One thing I wish hadn't happened though? WHY YOU GOTTA CUT YOUR HAIR, TELEVISION FRIENDS?! Where is my inspiration for keeping long, wavy locks now, hmmmmm? 

via Google

Moonrise Kingdom. I think Wes Anderson is a genius. I am so smitten I can't even explain it. Can we talk about Suzy's eye makeup for a minute? Reminiscent of Margot Tenenbaum and absolutely AMAZING. Am I the only one who thought she had a dash of Vada Sultenfuss in her attitude? Sam's return for the binoculars? <3 I didn't even have to leave the state to see it!

Watercolor paint. I love painting in watercolor because mistakes make the piece look that much more magical. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

some pretties

Here are a few favorites things I'm digging right now... courtesy of pinterest, of course.

Favorite pretty glasses

Favorite short hairstyle & color that I might eventually get if I get sick of my long hair.

Favorite image of a cold adventure.

Favorite image of NYC that confirms I need to revisit & that I need to get myself a DSLR.

Favorite hide out

Favorite child I've never met

Favorite tiny tattoo. Except I'd get an anchor, not a heart. I also wouldn't put it on my shoulder.

Favorite pretty wedding moment. Now break out the sparklers!

In other news, I really want a bar cart as a side table for my living room. I have the perfect one in mind. Sadly it's $850. Craigslist, here I come!

Monday, June 25, 2012

happy list monday

Last week I strayed a bit from my traditional happy list to post some quotes that I'm liking on the pinterest circuit. Never fear, friends! I'm back with an all new set of happy things.

101// reconnecting with old friends
102// peacocks
103// good morning text messages
104//  falling asleep to the sound of heavy rain. You feel so well-rested in the morning!
105// word searches

Of course, if you missed the past happy lists, you can find them here.

You may also have noticed that my header is tiny now in comparison to the format of my blog. Blergh. I'm working on it... kind of...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

awkward & awesome

- Hearing 10 & 11 year olds explain how to play Apples to Apples to one another.
- Getting hugs from kids after you've all been in a room all day that's about 90 degrees.
- Singing a song that is sugary pop REALLY loudly to yourself and turning around to see someone has been there THE WHOLE TIME!
- Being in a public bathroom & hearing someone in the stall next to you talking on the phone while doing her business

+ Scoring one of these babies for $10 {say whuuuuuuuuu?!?!}

+ Anna Karenina {my fav. book} is being made into a movie starring Keira Knightley {also a fav.}
+ The pools are finally open
+ Using portaportal to store my bookmarks so my computer {Amelie} will be faster.
+ Spending tomorrow afternoon with all of my coworkers & friends before a new journey.
+ George Clooney's voice. He sounds so dashing, doesn't he?

Monday, June 18, 2012

it's monday

It's Monday & I should be doing a happy list, but instead I'm overwhelmed with mountains of paperwork {could report cards be more terrible?!} and job applications {why am I sending a resume AND filling out the same info on an application?!}. In the job situation, one of four things could potentially happen:

a} I could end up working in a career field other than the one I want. This could mean getting an alternative certification in something education-related or it could mean I'm managing a Dunkin Donuts...

b} I could end up teaching middle school {I'm crying on the inside}because I'm certified K-8 with a dual major.

c} Sending applications & resumes all around could be all for naught if I get that little letter {this week?} that says, "Hey it's all good in the hood. See you in August."


d} I teach. In another state. Away from my babies.

You see my panic? So the point is, instead of a happy list you are going to get pin-rolled. That's where I flaunt a bunch of pinterested quotes that are currently bringing a smile to my face. You're welcome! :) {Psst! I probably should have used a cut. You're double welcome!}

{life is made of the little moments}

P.S. The new outlets opened less than 20 minutes away. Review to come. Perhaps with photos!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Under Construction

You're going to have to excuse the look of the blog for a bit. I'm slowly working on it, but the more blogger disagrees with what I'm working on the longer it'll take. Thanks for sticking it out!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

that time i got real

          For the longest time, I thought I was a realist. I get how things are, I don't fool myself into believing anything ridiculous... or do I? Lately, I've determined that {thanks to my imagination, expectations, and a penchant for fairytales} I am, in fact, an idealist. My brain is filled with delusions of grandeur. Let's say I convince myself that I'm going to paint a 10 foot canvas, install it in my living room, and then sit back and admire my handy work. I even buy all the materials! But, what happens is I decide that it won't be good enough. I even did this back when I wanted to do the 30 for 30. I went through my closet pulling out one shirt after another until I psyched myself out and decided I would be too cold to do it or I would get too bored with it.

          I've decided not to let my preposterously high expectations stop me from doing things anymore. I need to be creative & if it doesn't turn out the way it is in my brain well, practice, practice, practice.

In case you're wondering here are some examples of my wild imagination:

1//When I envision throwing parties, I imagine that everyone is going to mingle, dress up, & stay until the wee hours of the morning having riveting conversation.
2//I always picture weddings to be these elaborate events where I'm wearing my favorite dress, my hair looks like it was done by a stylist, there's an open bar, and there's possibly going to be a choreographed dance that isn't something terrible {chicken dance, I'm looking at you}.
3//I imagine that all my perseverance & hard work will pay off and I will find a great job in a fun city where maybe I'll get a raise for a job well done.
4//I expect that my birthdays are going to be amazing from start to finish and I'm going to come home to find a bathroom filled with balloons and something I've wanted for forever all wrapped & on the kitchen table.
5//I once visited NYC and expected the whole place to be like stepping into a scene from Sex & the City.

Here I go, back to realism.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bucket list for summer

Now that summer is in full swing & there are only 8 days left of the school year, I think it's time to tell you some of the things that I intend to accomplish before the temperatures start to get lower & people start adding more layers to their daily dress.

-go strawberry picking
-go to Six Flags {especially the water park!}
-hike to find a salamander, name him & make him a class pet
-attempt to visit Montreal again {Michelle’s idea}
-Dark Knight Rises
-go to the drive-in
-ride Coquette around the city at least three times a week
-get a robin’s egg blue helmet for when I ride Coquette around
-go to a bbq or cook out and play ladder ball, badminton, or some outdoor game
-climb Mt. Monadnock {again because I haven’t since 6th grade}
-make the public pool my stomping ground, abuse the water slide & read many, many books
-go to the beach EVERY Thursday & devour fried dough
-take my tiny princess to the aquarium for the first time ever
-camp out, eat s’mores, & tell ghost stories… okay, no ghost stories
-go to a Red Sox game at Fenway
-visit a lake or a beach that is NOTHING like Hampton.
-go to the arcade, play skee-ball and win ridiculous prizes that take up space
-parasailing OR zip-lining. Heck, both if it’s possible.
-get a projector & have a movie night on the deck
-Have my copy of Cupcakes & Cashmere signed when Emily comes around for a book signing
-visit Harvard Square
-ride a horse on the horse trail
-take a cooking class
-sip mimosas on the deck every Sunday morning.
-create & hide my own geo cache & see if I can send next year’s students to find it
-produce something creative at least once a week
-get some arm muscle/strength
-spend a weekend in DC to take in the sights and visit the Smithsonian & National Geographic museum.
-get a boating license & rent a boat. If it’s anything like driving a car it’ll take all summer to accomplish this.
-Grow out my bangs & DO NOT cut them again {until at least September}.

What's on your to-do list?

Monday, June 11, 2012

happy list Monday

I started writing happy lists because of my 101 things in 1001 days challenge. Originally I did 5 a day each Monday, then I neglected a few and tried to compensate. Regardless, the time has come and I have completed a list of 100 things that make me happy. Yay!

91. scallop carbonara from The Salty Dog in Boston. Seriously, I would probably offer up my first born for this deliciousness.

92. Flash mobs

93. Everyone in a room singing along to a song. Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" is good for this one and apparently so is One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

94. fake accents. Real accents, too but especially fake ones.

95. dry shampoo. My bangs are super contented by this & it smells yummy

96. saying ow when you drop something & it's nowhere near your foot or any other appendage. Fake injuries are so silly.

97. When you think the lyrics to a song are one thing and then realize what they really are. It makes so much more sense!

98. wrapping paper

99. a frothy white russian

100. my job. I love my job.

see my other happy lists here

P.S. blog transition in the works!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

beach wedding

          I'm going to a beach wedding in a few weeks & even though I have a closet full of beautiful dresses, I'm not sure what to wear. It has to be something relaxed & casual enough for a beachside gathering, classy enough for a wedding {as if that was really a concern}, preferably not the wedding colors, and fabulous enough for me to acknowledge it as a real option. I need to be able to dance and shake it like a polaroid picture and also stand out without STANDING OUT. You know what I'm saying? I'm very picky about what I wear to weddings.

          Anyway, I think I might choose a colorful little number that looks all sorts of regal in the front, but then screams, "Let's party!" in the back. Mainly because it has no back, which I'm obsessed with.

something a little bit like this, except colorful.

If it were acceptable to wear white to a wedding, you know I'd be rocking these ruffles:

But seriously, ruffles are the best.

I could bound around in this tangerine number. Orange & ruffles! Super dee duper.

What would you be wearing?

Tomorrow I have something new planned for the blog. I'm pretty excited about linking up with other bloggers, but this round will be on my own. See you then. ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

it's baaaaaaaaack

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this?!

In other news, after reading about Hurricane Katrina with my students, I really want to visit New Orleans and see its recovery. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

happy list monday

81. cheesy jokes
82. walking into a room full of people & hearing your name being cheered {this happened over the weekend & it was pretty rad}.
83. {love} notes
84. Thank you cards & notes. I like when you get a card so nice that you want to write a thank you for the thank you!
85. warm blankets, good reading, & a rainy night.
86. movie previews
87. Boston
88. girl talk {having it, playing the game, and listening to the music}
89. finding a used book that you've been looking for and it's in excellent condition
90. deviled eggs

See my other Happy Lists here

Friday, June 1, 2012

life is a beach

Maybe it’s because summer starts in June for me, but for some reason it isn’t until then that I can really get into summer mode. The idea of swimming or wearing shorts, tank tops, whatever until it is at least 80 is preposterous for me. I just get cold far too easily. Once the weather kicks in though, I intend to be at the beach every Thursday with Miss Kristin & at the pool after summer classes with Allison. In light of the 1st of the month being today, I thought I would post a small sample {a sprinkling, if you will} of my favorite summer memories captured in photographs.

In no particular order:

*the one where Emily & Brian had the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended.*

At least I'm not on the floor this time.

*the one where we had a girl’s night in a cabin in the woods.*

"Baba Wa Was"

*the one at the river where Adri wanted to climb trees & have her picture taken*

*the one where I got to drive the Hot Wheels car…albeit terribly.*

*the one where I invaded the kiddie pool*

*the weekend I spent at the ocean & played with a handmade hoola-hoop like a dope pro*

*the one where I stole a float to show that the water wasn’t THAT deep*

*the one where I felt really important cleaning up Rock Rimmon*

*the one where there’s photographic evidence of me wearing a white tank top that looks like a "wife-beater." ::shudder:: *

*the one where I got a sweet tan, konked on the head, lost my top, and got massive hives on my neck from my new shampoo in North Carolina*

*The one where I jumped in over 9 feet of water without holding my nose {despite an overwhelming fear of drowning}. Sadly, this was just last year and I still didn't conquer my fear of drowning because I'm yelling that I almost died!*

And how could I resist...

*the one where I was put in charge of bringing the clothes on a trip & I forgot. {But really, do you see how young I am?!}*

I wonder if these crop tops still fit...

What are your favorite summer memories? How about your goals for memories this summer?


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