Sunday, June 26, 2011

yay sunny day sunday!

I missed a blog on Friday because that's how I roll- I wouldn't want to get too predictable on you.

Today kicks off my 30 days of skirts & dresses. It's not really a challenge but I need to start out small. Would you want me trembling in my cute shimmery shoes? I thought not. So, 30 days of skirts & dresses & 30 images of me in these skirts & dresses. This could get interesting because I'm supposed to go to the zoo tomorrow AND it has been cold, rainy, & all around ick-tacular here in New Hampshire. Today was the first glimmer of hope that maybe we are going to feel a summer. I just love this dress. It's actually a long-sleeve dress & it feels very mod.
Can you see the specks of gold? I love them!
These are my latest favorite shoes.

Here's to hoping the weather warms up. Oh and while we're in a hoping mood, do you think we could possibly hope that the cake store has some really great quins that want to come home with me? Also, let's hope that True Blood is full of entertainment & slightly less mystical magical mumbo jumbo than in the last season, ok?

Here I am job hunting/web surfing/ writing a letter to my sweet little niece while she's in Virginia.

Has anyone else seen The Little Mermaid as many times as I have? There's a three-year-old girl in my life who is making it so, I can't lie, I'm hating the sound of Flounder's voice.


  1. i LOVE your blog :)

    And your outfit.
    And this little "not-challenge".
    Adorable. :)

  2. Aw, thank you so much! :) I went through my closet today & saw some really cute summer clothes, so the "not-challenge" is going to be sliiightly more challenging than I anticipated.

  3. I have seen The Little Mermaid AT LEAST as many times as you. With Kyleigh, that number is doubling rapidly.


Major hearts for you!



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