Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Wearing a beautiful, flowy top that got tons of compliments and then sitting on the floor with kids and remembering exactly how flowy it is.
- Watching my cat scratch at my file folder tote, getting annoyed, then realizing I forgot to change the litter box.
-Putting my wet hair up in a ponytail, taking it down during the day and having a student stare at me with a frightened look and asking, "What IS wrong with your HAIR?"
-Sitting in line at the atm for 15 minutes while the guy in front of me has gone through backward, has his hatch open and isn't even sitting in his car. Then I finally just stormed {can you really storm in a car?} off and went across town to use the Bank of America atm.
-Folding my underwear and then realizing that my sister is sitting next to me and probably doesn't want to see my panties on display.

-Hobby Lobby finally coming to town. It's even better than Santa Claus!
-Temperatures hitting 90 + degrees after what felt like months of rain.
-Hitting shuffle on my ipod and having a series of blast from the past gems that I had forgotten about.
-Enjoying some time to myself where I can read magazines that I've neglected, work on my inspiration boards, update my blog, and get mani-pedis.
-Smoothies. They're delicious no matter where they're from.
-Going to The Christmas Tree Shoppe with Kristin & scoring a plethora of gluten free goodies.


  1. Actually, I really liked some of your panties... I thought it would be more awkward to ask where you'd bought them.

  2. Little sister, I would have told you if you had asked. :P


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