Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

It is Thursday & therefore time for another awkward & awesome post. Given today's events, this post couldn't have happened at a better time.


-Telling 23 kids that they can only have one piece of pizza & then having them catch me eating my second piece. I tried rationalizing with them that a) they had lunch & pizza and I didn't and b) I was the one who bought the pizza so my hypocrisy was okay.
-Opening a bottle of soda while at a stoplight only to have it spray out unlike anything I've ever seen. Dr Pepper all over my steering wheel, seat, door, shirt, & pretty new silk skirt. Did I mention that after it happened I went from having a look of horror to laughing pathetically only to see the lady & her kid in the car next to me looking at me?
-White pants. Seriously, I'm just not meant to wear white. Disaster always ensues. I think I've said enough.
-Listening to "big wigs" {hate the term} from the state & the school district talk about the importance of the 200 people they are in talks to lay off.
-Accidentally confessing to a group of very serious adults that not only do I watch the Disney channel but I always watched IParty with Victorious. Good thing YOU aren't very serious adults.

-My niece & her friend coming over to get outdoor toys and deciding they were going to hang out at my apartment then requesting that I play Lady Gaga. Yes!
-Finding a great scarf for a blogger scarf swap { I fibbed, I'm going to tell you about it tomorrow- for real.}
-Summer vacation. I can only imagine all the possibilities & I cannot wait.
-The feeling of health after a treacherous cold or flu. It's like you can't imagine when you ever felt 100% and then suddenly you're a new person.
-Hobby Lobby. The new one finally opened & I'm nervous to even go in because I don't want to fall in love or be disappointed. The idea of Hobby Lobby is enough for me... for now.


  1. Haha! I would totally eat that second piece after telling the kids not to! Enjoy your summer vacation!

    check out my giveaway!

  2. Thanks :) I ate a third please after they had all left for the day and it was equally as delicious! Mwah ha ha.


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