Moi in Twenty Statements or Less

1//I love music of all different varieties. I have to listen to a song when I'm alone with my headphones on for the first time to truly love it. I find value in almost anything I listen to because I like a great beat. That said, I hate Nickelback.

2//My favorite color is purple. I also don't own many things that are purple.

3//I didn't get my license until just before I turned 21.

4//I always eat my french fries, mashed potatoes, and tater tots first. I hate cold potatoes.

5//I never pour "new" milk in with the milk that's already in my glass. I can't even handle the thought of it!

6//When I go to Target, for any reason, I gravitate toward the dollar section immediately.

7//I think mushrooms are super tasty, but only when they're cooked.

8//I am absurdly feminine, but I fit in with "the guys" just fine.

9//I cannot french braid & I've never been able to do it!

10//If it's a rap from the 90s, you should assume that I know all the words & can keep up the pace of the rap. I 'm just good like that.

11//Most of the day every day, I dance around. Dancing is one of my favorite things in the world.

12//I can't parallel park & full disclosure, I don't really ever attempt it.

13//When I was seven, I wrote a book about two best friends named Pablo & Chrissy. I filled up many notebooks & continued the story until I moved in fifth grade. 

14//I don't like when people insert swears in EVERY sentence, use "u" instead of you, "ur" instead of your, add the letter z when it should be an s, or  use "k" or "x" as a suffix.   I find these to be egregious assaults on my ears & eyes.

15//I am unapologetically myself at all times. I can't pretend to have interests I don't, like food I can't stand, or  mingle with people who rub me the wrong way. 

16//I like cheese a whole lot. Even Velveeta & spray cheese. Yes, I think they should count, too. Sometimes I order caprese JUST for the fresh mozzarella.

17//Within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone I know if I like him or her. I'm intense that way.

18//I'm usually cold... like, nearly always. It's why I wait for summer with bated breath.

19//I collect quotes and I've been meaning to put them into a quote book. Pinterest has helped make collecting them even easier.

20//I almost never remember the punch line to jokes, but I can tell a bad joke like nobody's business. I also  love puns. They're so ridiculous!

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