101 Goals in 1001 Days

Items Completed: 16
Items to Go: 82

1. Vacation somewhere {other than Canada} that requires a passport
2. Go on a cruise  {Boston Harbor sunset cruise tickets purchased... this counts... a little}
3. Have a romantic weekend getaway
4. Visit Shauna in San Francisco
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Visit the Four Corners Monument
7. See cherry blossoms in bloom
8. Swim in an infinity pool
9. Visit thrift stores in 5 different states (3/5)
10. Take a zumba class {classes paid for & waiting}
11. Learn to play chess √ completed
12. Learn to be proficient in Photoshop or Illustrator
13. Learn to tie a tie
14. Take a pole dancing class
15. Learn to do something car-related {other than drive}
16. Learn to French braid
17. Take a pottery class
18. Learn rudimentary Spanish
19. Learn 3 new board/card games √ completed
20. Become CPR certified
21. Take a cake decorating course
22. Learn to whistle with my fingers
23. Learn a new word every week for 1 year (30/52)
24. Learn to make 5 dishes like a professional chef (2/5)
25. Make my own candles
26. Build a bookcase
27. Sew myself a dress inspired by Anthropologie
28. Create a personal cookbook
29. Own a DSLR camera
30. Own a trench coat √completed
31. Buy a necklace/bracelet from Tiffany & Co
32. Own a pair of bunny slippers √completed
33. Buy a fainting couch
34. Own a Blythe doll
35. Own an iPad
36. Buy a petticoat √ completed
37. Own a pair of prescription sunglasses
38. Get hired as a full-time teacher √ completed
39. Ride in a horse drawn/bicycle drawn carriage √completed
40. Donate clothes & accessories to charity √ completed
41. Compliment a stranger √completed
42. Complete a coloring book
43. Try gelato
44. No complaining for 1 week (0/7)
45. Build a fort in the living room & sleep in it
46. Find out my blood type
47. Jump into 9+ feet of water WITHOUT holding my nose √completed
48. Play paintball
49. Get a massage
50. Go to a fortune teller
51. Visit a haunted house
52. Conquer a wave pool at a water park
53. Go a week without buying anything (0/7)
54. Identify 100 things that make me happy
55. Dance in the rain
56. Remember to bring canvas bags to the grocery store EVERY TIME for at least 1 month
57. Make a new friend √completed
58. Ride in a hot air balloon
59. Go to a wine tasting
60. See a broadway show
61. Snorkel or scuba dive
62. Go skiing or snowboarding
63. Host a dinner party
64. Make out at the drive-in
65. Go to see an opera
66. Get a hole in one
67. Grow out my hair in progress
68. Sell crafts in an online store or craft fair
69. Have a slumber party
70. Do daily outfit posts on my blog
71. Sleep under the stars
72. Find a beer I enjoy drinking
73. Meet a papillon pup to see if I like and really want one
74. Reconnect with an old friend
75. Ride a horse
76. Finally decide on a location for the tattoo I want & get it
77. Visit a butterfly garden
78. Visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art
79. Treat myself to a mani/pedi before every season for 1 year (0/4)
80. Go to a book signing
81. Perfect the "cat eye" eyeliner application
82. Drink nothing but water for 1 month √completed
83. Have dinner by candlelight
84. Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters
85. Quit drinking Mountain Dew (Day 0)
86. Read The Game of Thrones book series
87. Eat a cupcake from Sprinkles
88. Wear a skirt/dress every day for a week regardless of the weather (7/7) √completed
89. Run a half-marathon
90. Knit a headwrap or scarf
91. Find a penpal
92. Finish an inspiration book √completed
93. Ride a vespa
94. Watch 2 movies at a cinema in the same day (0/2)
95. Try 10 new restaurants √ completed
96. No fast food for 1 month (0/30)
97. Go parasailing
98. Attend a clothing swap

*I haven't reached 101, but I figure I can add more as great ideas pop into my head.

See my post about this here.


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