Monday, April 23, 2012

The End is Near

I can't believe I've neglected you for so long again. Work has really been stressful. Between literacy nights, report cards, progress reports, reports, assessments, field trips, and the impending mass pink slips I haven't had any ambition to much once I get home. Believe it or not, I even neglected pinterest at one point- which should tell you how crazy things have been.

I bought some wonderful glittery material for oversized couch pillows way back in February. My mission for this school vacation is to get those made, create some art, make some jewelry, rewatch old TV shows on netflix instant {I really miss Buffy}, and maybe take a trip to school to get some things done while wearing jeans.

My vacation started with a birthday party disaster. In the end though, my beautiful little niece {the 4-year-old} had her birthday party and she had a great time.

I think my oven burnt out that day, too because it isn't cooking things quite right {birthday cake, for example}. There was also an incident where the broiler inside started sparking. On a positive note, I will definitely be investing in a fire extinguisher this week. I had dinner with friends & got to see a japanese chef cooking my dinner in front of me in the fanciest of ways. Heck, I even used chopsticks correctly!

I sense regular updates on the horizon... for this week at least. The end of the school year is coming and that means warm weather is also on its way which means more photo opportunities. Plus, the return of Happy List Monday is here, too. Cheers!

61.  teacups- I love them!
62.  hearing an old song on the radio or popping up on your mp3 player & remembering all the words.
63.  laughing until you cry
64.  making someone else laugh until s/he cries
65.  reading a well-loved book that was lent to you
66.  ebay
67.  finding a red wine I like... FINALLY!
68.  the J.Crew catalog
69.  a long-lasting manicure
70.  checking off everything on a To-Do list

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