Monday, June 27, 2011

Cupcakes FTW

Here is a well-known fact about me: I love cupcakes. I like baking them. I like frosting them. I like eating them. I like looking at things adorned with cupcake images. I like owning things adorned with cupcake images. So it should be no surprise that on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble {I love that place, don’t you?} I was perusing the value priced books and came across this gem:
Oh la la! For $7, it had to be mine. I’ll just add it to my cookbook collection

You might be wondering how many cupcake recipe books a person can own before they all start to look the same. I'll tell you, friends, they aren't all created equal that's for sure. Hello Cupcake is one that is full of eye candy, but unless you have a monstrous sweet tooth, you probably aren't going to be eating most of the cupcakes featured. Luckily, I do have a sweet tooth & an eye for over the top confections. The Cupcake Bible; however, has more basic recipes. Here are a few that caught my eye and therefore MUST be made promptly:

Pretzel dragonflies? I love it! 

Pink lemonade cupcakes with little straws? Yes!
Bite-sized doughnuts covered in scrumptious cinnamon.
Whoopie pie cupcakes taste oh so yummy!

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