Wednesday, June 22, 2011

stores i love: J.Crew

I know that I've raved about by unrivaled love for Anthropologie once or twice but I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned my obsession with J.Crew. When I get my Anthropologie catalogs in the mail {yes, I get 2... don't judge} I devour one and leave it on my coffee table with little flags on all the things I want. The second one is cut up & added to my inspiration book, which is what I do when I get the J.Crew catalog. I'll tell you more about them another time & I'll even get some pictures.

Anyway, J.Crew makes some quality clothing but can we take a moment to admire their models, styling, & their use of Nars Heatwave? I can thank this store for my {sometimes sick} obsession with orange lipstick.

I lovc the yellow & pink in this outfit & the messy hair. Love.
Cute, non?
Holy moly. It's like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones is donning a sweet blazer.
These paperbag style shorts with scalloped bottoms MUST belong to me.

The color blocking in these 2 makes my heart pound wildly. 
I need to do more color blocking in my outfits. Have you ever seen anyone pull
off orange lipstick any better?!
Perfect, perfect, perfect.
I can't wait until my hair is longer.

P.S. Meet my partner in The Scarf Swap: Danielle

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