Thursday, August 11, 2011

the basics & the reality

As an avid reader of fashion blogs, I like to save pictures of outfits that I love for inspiration. I do this with magazines, catalogs, heck I'd use the TV Guide if I got it and someone was wearing something cute. I've noticed that over the years my styles & tastes have changed slightly, but there is something that ties all of the inspiration I have clipped together. The general core of most of the outfits is the same. This got me thinking and I said to myself,
     "Self..." {Because that's what I call myself most all of the time}
     "Self... you need to get your closet together. Figure out where the gaps are, fill them in and get to the rocking wardrobe you pretend you have when you clip these pictures."

You know what? That's just what I'm going to do. So even though it's been done before {I personally like Kendi's working closet series} I'm going to do it my own way. I found some websites & people who said additional things {a suit, for example} but those didn't work for me so I didn't add them. If I show up to work in a suit, I'm going to end up covered in chalk, fingerpaint, and pencil shavings.

Step 1-
Uncover the basics & the reality. What is said to be essential to every woman's wardrobe? I want to work on my own list of things I'd like to add {chevron patterned top, breton striped top, paper bag skirt} but first I want to see how I measure up:


√ Black blazer or jacket
√ Black dress
Classic trench
√ White button down shirt
√ Tailored pants 
Black turtleneck
√ Well-fitting jeans
√ Any occasion top
√ Day dress
√ Simple skirt 
√ Camisole

√ Opaque tights
√ Leather purse
√ Ballet flats
√ Bangle bracelet
√ Gold hoop earrings
√ Pearl necklace
√ Cocktail ring
Diamond stud earrings
√ Pearl stud earrings
√ Neutral-colored pump

Not too shabby. It looks like I need to get:

~ a classic trench {remember when I didn't buy that one I found at Goodwill?}
~ a black turtleneck {how is it possible I don't have one already?!}
~ a cardigan {in a neutral color. I have pink & red, but nothing in black, gray, or white}
~ diamond stud earrings {although, I think the various stone ones I have will suffice for now. I'm really more of a pearl girl.}

How are you doing on basics? Did anyone discover that they have 8 black turtlenecks and a soft gray cardigan or two that they want to throw my way? Until next time friends...

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