Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happiness and Goodwill

You know that feeling of elation you get when you walk into Goodwill & score big? You look through the clothes and it's like someone with your exact measurements & style unloaded a closet full of clothes that you wish you had bought? You wander past the furniture and there's a retro table & chair set begging for you to take it home? Or, maybe {just maybe} there's something that you can envision yourself sanding, painting, placing in the perfect place in your home and admiring daily.

That's the exact feeling I've had the past few times I've gone into my local Goodwill. It's one of the few stores I have been in where sometimes I go in and have no interest in anything but I keep going back. The thrill I get when I find something I love with the 50% off color of the week barb is nothing that can be put into words. Let's suffice it to say I do a little dance where I strut like a bird, chanting the sale price and then I bust through the next aisle like the Kool-aid Man.

But, what about the books, you ask? Oh the books. Treasures galore. I love the Used Book Superstore for their books, but I always check out the Goodwill's selection. That's where I get my best vintage sewing books. On my last trip, I walked into someone's donated teaching collection. Goodbye reason, goodbye sanity, goodbye moolah, HELLOOOOOOO new, professional mini library.

But enough talk. Let's play a game of show or tell. I'll show/tell you my thrifted goodies & you show/tell me yours. It'll take my mind off the $2 diamond-in-the-rough shelf that I didn't get because I had no room in my car after picking things up from my storage unit.
Gund Bianca Peacock {stored in a bag for weeks, of course} retail: $24.99. Goodwill: $0.99

Ah! A cupcake jewelry/trinket box. Retail: Free with a $150 purchase. Goodwill: $0.99
Marc by Marc Jacob jeans. Not exactly like the ones pictured, but similar. Retail: approx: $200 Goodwill: $4.99
Old Navy 3/4 Trench Coat Retail: who knows. Goodwill: $14.99, but 50% colored barb
Confession: I didn't buy this when I saw it because I didn't really think I needed a coat that didn't have long sleeves, but you bet your sweet patootie it'll be mine if I ever find one again.

Learning Resources Cash Register. Retail: $25-$35. Goodwill: $2.99
Ann Taylor Loft Skirts Retail: varies. Goodwill: $4.99

Don't even get me started on my brooch collection. <3.

If I weren't so tired/lazy I would take a picture of some of the apparel goodies that I've found over the past week. Maybe that would be a good feature for the blog. I can post all the cool things I see {but don't necessarily buy} from local thrift stores. The wheels are turning.

Speaking of turning... it's your turn. What are some of your favorite thrift purchases or finds?

Sooner or later, I'm going to divulge my love of all things peacock to you anyway so now seems as good a time as any. Check out the pretty little thing that's on its way to me. This Anthropologie peacock ring

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