Tuesday, August 23, 2011

diy conundrum

It occurred to me that I've been doing an awful lot of pinteresting and there are loads and loads of DIY ideas that I'm longing to try. Last night, I was hit with a burst of creativity and I decided that I was going to embark on some projects. In typical Patti-fashion, I started several projects and finished none of them.

Here are yesterday's starter projects:

Earring Holder
This is how it all started. I am tired of finding miscellaneous earrings everywhere. There's just not an organized way to keep them, so I decided it was high time to create.
Status: Frames are painted & ready to be strung and displayed. I can't decide if I want to use string or wire mesh. I want to be able to display a lot of earrings, but I still want it to look cute hanging on the wall. Decisions decisions. This is my inspiration.

The extremely large envelope clutch that was in this post.
Status: Pattern made. Must find material to make it & sew it up.

Paper Beads
Status: Cut out a billion triangles, made about a dozen beads and got bored. This is definitely a project to do while I'm watching Pretty Little Liars. Also, I realized I wanted bigger beads so I'm going to cut some new triangles.

Kate Spade Twirl-Inspired Canvas
Status: 2-inch circles are cut.

As if you couldn't figure out from my blog, I have a lot that I want to do and say. Is it ridiculous that last night after doing half {and sometimes not even half} of each craft, I was coming up with new projects to start today?

Also, in case you're curious this is my DIY specific pinterest board. Most of what's on there has a tutorial link unless it's jewelry, then it could go either way. I'm one of those people who look at things online and in stores and think, "That's so easy! I could make this." Okay, okay- half make it.


  1. pinterest is just so addicting. can i get an amen?

  2. Amen, sister. I've spent many wonderful hours just pinning away.


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