Friday, August 26, 2011

babies r us

Babies are everywhere. 2 of my three sisters are pregnant right now, 2 of my favorite coworkers just found out they're having babies, my friend Kassy is due in October. Phew. So many tiny feet that I'm going to be seeing at the same time! I already have 2 nieces and a nephew { you met them here and here} and I love them tremendously. One might think that with all this baby fever my clock is starting to tick but instead my desire to dress & photograph these little biddies is explosive. Today I'm going to be working on art projects for my sisters for their respective shower & sprinkle {Terri had a shower for Adriana, so she gets a sprinkle} so there won't be a long update today. Instead, enjoy these pictures of various cuties that I found {source: pinterest}:

This would be a nice way for my sister to let everyone know whether she's having a boy or a girl... just saying...

 These aren't really meant for more than to amuse you and they should definitely amuse you because they're ridiculous.


  1. Love all these images! Cute post!


  2. Aren't they adorable? It makes me wish I chose to be a photographer!


Major hearts for you!



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