Monday, August 1, 2011

doing some good

This weekend I took part in a revitalization of a local hiking/rock climbing location here in my city. A little background on this rock is that it is located next to the town pool, a playground, and an elementary school. There are also projects that were built just below it. I had never actually been up the rock, but I have always heard that it is littered with beer bottles and broken glass. This was not an exaggeration.

I got there and was assigned rake duty. This meant that I was raking up as much of the shards of broken glass, bottle caps, beer bottles, and food wrappers that I could. Leaving them in piles, other volunteers {on bag duty} came over and cleaned everything up.  It was a good system and I can’t even begin to express how it felt to see not only adult volunteers, but groups of children volunteering, too.
Isn’t it great to see everyone working together? I know I can’t get enough of it. Plus, if seeing a clean area prevents one or two people from tossing a beer bottle, something was accomplished, right? 

P.S. Wearing sandals was not the best of ideas. Oh well.

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