Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a Snapshot

I apologize for neglecting my blog. There’s no real excuse for it other than I just haven’t felt particularly inspired to write about anything. My summer days have been spent watching my niece & nephew for 8 and 9 hours a day. I love them dearly and they’re full of spirit and hilarious quotes, but I don’t want to dedicate weeks worth of posts to their adorable antics. I’ve also been a little down lately trying to figure out my job opportunities for next year {there don’t seem to be any!} so thanks for sitting tight & waiting so patiently.

Here is a snapshot of my days that you missed:

Summer School
I’ve been teaching a summer class/author study on Kevin Henkes. It’s 4 hours a day and I love the program. It’s a nice break from the rigorous schedule I have all school year and I get to teach a new crop of kiddos.

The Littles
My days have been spent with these little cuties. They are completely fearless and everything is an adventure. Particularly swimming. We’ve been sticking to the sprinkler & dumping buckets of water on one another.

We’ve been busy making treats around here. With temperatures up over 100, it was impossible to even think about preheating the oven to a million degrees. We settled on popsicles- my goodness I almost forgot how much I love frozen treats.

Oh and who could forget swimming and organizing? I wonder if there's a way for me to swim while organizing...

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