Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time to Make the Donuts

When my nieces spend the night, there are usually many things that happen. These include: watching The Little Mermaid, attempting to complete our coloring books {I don't remember ever finishing one from front to back}, and eating delicious things.

Recently, I had them help me make their breakfast. They were craving donuts, so we made some using this recipe. I replaced the buttermilk with applesauce. A) I didn't have any buttermilk, and B) because applesauce gives baked donuts a fluffy dough and a really interesting taste. I also cut back the sugar. The girls decided that they simply had to have chocolate chips.

Then we all sat out on the deck and they enjoyed the fruits of their labor along with pink lemonade.

 You should get yourself a donut pan of some sort and try your own. They're a hit among young and old.

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