Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't Monopolize My Time

I am going to put this in writing. I have never... I WILL NEVER like Monopoly. It just isn't fun for me. I remember the moment that I first realized my hatred for the loved by everyone else classic. I was in third grade and I was having a long-awaited slumber party. The next morning, I just wanted to hang out with my friends, giggle, eat donuts, and be a little girl. It had been a rough night and my three sisters were around the whole time. Talking to my friends, invading my party, being annoying. Come on, I was ten. My little world revolved around being the alpha. Anyway, the next morning my mom decided that we had to all sit down and play Monopoly. I whined, of course. I didn't want to play a game my mother picked for me. I wanted to do what I wanted with my friends. Begrudgingly, I sat through twenty minutes of torture. I swore that I would never get roped into playing again.

My deep-seeded loathing of all board games that take longer than 60 minutes has continued to this day. If it requires more time, I'm not having it. I've tried to be more accepting of time-consuming games. I do understand that for some games, the more players- the longer they take. But when I witness a 3 hour game, I feel my inner child die. So, you might be asking yourself what games I DO enjoy.

Dixit is a game for 3-6 players. Each player gets 6 cards with random images. They look like something you'd find in a children's picture book. One player chooses a card secretly and announces an obscure & ambiguous sentence describing the picture. Then every other player chooses a card from their deck that they think represents that sentence. Everyone votes for which one they think is the correct. There are expansion packs that you can buy. It doesn't take more than 45 minutes.

Pandemic is a game where everyone collaborates to cure diseases. Every turn requires you to flip infection cards and different cities within the 7 continents are infected. This one can be a little longer if you add the expansion pack or if you have some players who are new to the game. I love that you win together or lose together.

Settlers takes a little longer. In fact, this game took over 4 hours with several expansions. This made for a very cranky Patti. Generally though, it only takes about 90 minutes. Longer than I usually endure but totally worth it. You produce resources throughout the game & use those resources to develop Catan.

Forbidden Island is another collaborative game. You & the other players have to collect 4 pieces of treasure from an island where various locations are sinking. Each player has a special ability that can get you through it.
Apples to Apples is more of a party game than Dixit, but it's very similar without the pictures. Check it out.

If you like Scrabble {even if it's just a little bit} then you'll love Bananagrams. It's your own personal little crossword puzzle that is constantly changing as you race to beat the other players.

That said, I also love love love Scrabble. It's a classic!

Other faves:

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