Thursday, June 28, 2012

thursday latelies

I don't know what I did yesterday but one minute I was cleaning and the next I was sneezing up a storm, itching my eyes, and howling. The only way to describe it was that I'm pretty sure I was feral OR having an allergic reaction to some unknown contaminant. Either way, my eyes ended up swelling and they're still not back to normal today.

That said, I wanted to link up with Bex for Thursday Latelies and do a vlog. Obviously that's not happening while my eyes look engorged less than awesome. Instead, I'll use photographs to show you what is pleasing me this week.

This skirt. This is the skirt that dreams are made of. First of all, it shines and we all know how much that pleases this girl. It's much shorter than what I would usually wear, but after trying it on and seeing that my hoo-hah wasn't showing I knew I needed it in my life.

These notebooks. Despite my announcement on Twitter that I am an office supplyaholic, when I saw the pink version of this notebook on the Glitter Guide {LOVE} instagram, I almost ran right out to buy some. It just so happens that I needed to go on a Target excursion and found myself in the stationery aisle face to face with my future.

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The return of Pretty Little Liars. So this didn't happen this week, but I am so excited this show is back on the air and I kind of wish it was on every night. I make due with the first season on netflix instant but it just isn't enough. One thing I wish hadn't happened though? WHY YOU GOTTA CUT YOUR HAIR, TELEVISION FRIENDS?! Where is my inspiration for keeping long, wavy locks now, hmmmmm? 

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Moonrise Kingdom. I think Wes Anderson is a genius. I am so smitten I can't even explain it. Can we talk about Suzy's eye makeup for a minute? Reminiscent of Margot Tenenbaum and absolutely AMAZING. Am I the only one who thought she had a dash of Vada Sultenfuss in her attitude? Sam's return for the binoculars? <3 I didn't even have to leave the state to see it!

Watercolor paint. I love painting in watercolor because mistakes make the piece look that much more magical. 

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