Friday, June 1, 2012

life is a beach

Maybe it’s because summer starts in June for me, but for some reason it isn’t until then that I can really get into summer mode. The idea of swimming or wearing shorts, tank tops, whatever until it is at least 80 is preposterous for me. I just get cold far too easily. Once the weather kicks in though, I intend to be at the beach every Thursday with Miss Kristin & at the pool after summer classes with Allison. In light of the 1st of the month being today, I thought I would post a small sample {a sprinkling, if you will} of my favorite summer memories captured in photographs.

In no particular order:

*the one where Emily & Brian had the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended.*

At least I'm not on the floor this time.

*the one where we had a girl’s night in a cabin in the woods.*

"Baba Wa Was"

*the one at the river where Adri wanted to climb trees & have her picture taken*

*the one where I got to drive the Hot Wheels car…albeit terribly.*

*the one where I invaded the kiddie pool*

*the weekend I spent at the ocean & played with a handmade hoola-hoop like a dope pro*

*the one where I stole a float to show that the water wasn’t THAT deep*

*the one where I felt really important cleaning up Rock Rimmon*

*the one where there’s photographic evidence of me wearing a white tank top that looks like a "wife-beater." ::shudder:: *

*the one where I got a sweet tan, konked on the head, lost my top, and got massive hives on my neck from my new shampoo in North Carolina*

*The one where I jumped in over 9 feet of water without holding my nose {despite an overwhelming fear of drowning}. Sadly, this was just last year and I still didn't conquer my fear of drowning because I'm yelling that I almost died!*

And how could I resist...

*the one where I was put in charge of bringing the clothes on a trip & I forgot. {But really, do you see how young I am?!}*

I wonder if these crop tops still fit...

What are your favorite summer memories? How about your goals for memories this summer?

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