Monday, June 18, 2012

it's monday

It's Monday & I should be doing a happy list, but instead I'm overwhelmed with mountains of paperwork {could report cards be more terrible?!} and job applications {why am I sending a resume AND filling out the same info on an application?!}. In the job situation, one of four things could potentially happen:

a} I could end up working in a career field other than the one I want. This could mean getting an alternative certification in something education-related or it could mean I'm managing a Dunkin Donuts...

b} I could end up teaching middle school {I'm crying on the inside}because I'm certified K-8 with a dual major.

c} Sending applications & resumes all around could be all for naught if I get that little letter {this week?} that says, "Hey it's all good in the hood. See you in August."


d} I teach. In another state. Away from my babies.

You see my panic? So the point is, instead of a happy list you are going to get pin-rolled. That's where I flaunt a bunch of pinterested quotes that are currently bringing a smile to my face. You're welcome! :) {Psst! I probably should have used a cut. You're double welcome!}

{life is made of the little moments}

P.S. The new outlets opened less than 20 minutes away. Review to come. Perhaps with photos!

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  1. inspiring & motivating! last one is one of my favorite quotes ever!


Major hearts for you!



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