Tuesday, June 12, 2012

bucket list for summer

Now that summer is in full swing & there are only 8 days left of the school year, I think it's time to tell you some of the things that I intend to accomplish before the temperatures start to get lower & people start adding more layers to their daily dress.

-go strawberry picking
-go to Six Flags {especially the water park!}
-hike to find a salamander, name him & make him a class pet
-attempt to visit Montreal again {Michelle’s idea}
-Dark Knight Rises
-go to the drive-in
-ride Coquette around the city at least three times a week
-get a robin’s egg blue helmet for when I ride Coquette around
-go to a bbq or cook out and play ladder ball, badminton, or some outdoor game
-climb Mt. Monadnock {again because I haven’t since 6th grade}
-make the public pool my stomping ground, abuse the water slide & read many, many books
-go to the beach EVERY Thursday & devour fried dough
-take my tiny princess to the aquarium for the first time ever
-camp out, eat s’mores, & tell ghost stories… okay, no ghost stories
-go to a Red Sox game at Fenway
-visit a lake or a beach that is NOTHING like Hampton.
-go to the arcade, play skee-ball and win ridiculous prizes that take up space
-parasailing OR zip-lining. Heck, both if it’s possible.
-get a projector & have a movie night on the deck
-Have my copy of Cupcakes & Cashmere signed when Emily comes around for a book signing
-visit Harvard Square
-ride a horse on the horse trail
-take a cooking class
-sip mimosas on the deck every Sunday morning.
-create & hide my own geo cache & see if I can send next year’s students to find it
-produce something creative at least once a week
-get some arm muscle/strength
-spend a weekend in DC to take in the sights and visit the Smithsonian & National Geographic museum.
-get a boating license & rent a boat. If it’s anything like driving a car it’ll take all summer to accomplish this.
-Grow out my bangs & DO NOT cut them again {until at least September}.

What's on your to-do list?

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