Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This are changing around here in old Schou Town. {Did I really just utter those words? Oh yes she diiiiiid.} I have some major changes in mind for the blog & I wanted to start with a new, cleaner look. What do you think? I'm down for some feedback. Step 1 was changing the layout. Step 2 is to get my new header up there because, let's face it the one that I have right now doesn't really make me want to jump up and down yelling, "SQUEE!" Step 3 is to start having more personal pictures & outfit posts on here. In typical me fashion I am going to do the steps out of order, but relax! They'll all get done.

While you are waiting for the remaining changes, why don't you sit back and take a peek at some of my favorite things in my room/bathroom.

I take my jewelry off everywhere. This little pear-shaped bowl stays by my bed for whatever jewelry I wore that day.

Rings are some of my most favorite of things.

Coffee table & fashion books stay in my room. Did you notice Birdie's Big Girl Shoes in there?

This Vogue canvas showcases a 60s Vogue cover.

Various project magazines

Fabricate & Camera Ready are the MOST AMAZING products in the universe.

My favorite lipsticks & a sneak peak of the jeans I'm wearing today :P


  1. Right? I still feel like there are so many other colors that I want to get, too.


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