Thursday, September 15, 2011

the skirt collector

As a kid, my grandmother made me dresses that I loved. Then I grew up a little and started to be your typical bratty prepubescent who didn't want a bunch of homemade clothes from outdated patterns. If I had only known then what I know now, I would have been picking out patterns left & right. Anyway, suffice it to say that I wore a lot of skirts & dresses against my will. Combine that with these thin ankle socks that always fell down to my heel and it was a child's nightmare. Then I discovered jeans & slacks and in high school, I rarely wore a skirt. So rarely, in fact, that my boyfriend senior year even commented on the fact that my wardrobe consisted mostly of jeans. Luckily I decided to get rid of that garb {and that boyfriend} and my love for skirts was refreshed. It has been an adventure in skirtsville ever since.

Yesterday when I was sifting through the grainy underbelly of my closet, I decided that I shouldn't stop there. What compelled me to go through my skirts, I will never know. I took each of them out and looked at it with a renewed sense of admiration. Then I realized the mountain that was forming on my bed and wondered, "How many skirts do I have?!?!" So I started counting. 84 skirts later it dawned on me- 84 is a ridiculous number and if I purchase 16 more skirts, I'll have 100. My friends, I think this is how hoarders get their start.

Without any more chattering on my part, here is my collection:

Black & Gray


White, Khaki, Yellow, & Shades of Brown

Red, Pink, Orange, Purple

Blue & Green

Over time I hope that you're going to see each of these, but I'm torn. Do I pare down my skirt collection or do I get 16 more for an even 100?!

Now I want you to spill: what do you collect?

P.S. You should take at trip over to Sorren's blog to enter her giveaway!

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