Friday, September 9, 2011

here comes the sun- do do do do do do

Remember when I said that fall doesn't scare me? That was some legit bravado on my part.  I said it under the beautiful wall of 80 degree weather. The truth is, as soon as the temperature hit below 70 {this week}, I can be found wearing wool socks up as high as I can get them and a sweatshirt with the hood covering my ears. This doesn't include the blanket wrapped around my lap and the one draped over my shoulders. This year might be different though- I'm armed with some iron supplements and after 20+ years of living in New England, I think I may have started to develop a thicker skin.

Either way, I have all of these great tights to keep me slightly warmer AND help keep my wardrobe alive. I can't take wearing long pants & sweaters all winter.

In case you're interested, here are some of the looks & items I'm loving for the fall and plan to make a ridiculously MAJOR part of my wardrobe.

Blazers & Cardigans, brown boots, mixed patterns, scarves scarves scarves scarves scarves, long socks/leg warmers that peek out, pops of color, and pencil skirts- Oh my!

and, of course, glorious red hair!

What are your favorites for fall?

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