Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tiny divas

It goes without saying {but I feel compelled to say it} that I am a girly girl. The other day I saw a silverfish & almost threw my cat at the thing just to have it slaughtered. I like glitter, wands, jewelry, chick lit {it's a real thing, bro}, manicures, and babies. So it's no surprise that the young girls in my life will pick up on this. Adri, my 7-year-old niece, is pretty girly but also 7 going on 72. She likes what she likes and now that she has a core group of homies to one-up she is less inclined to allow me to frost her with baubles. Zoey is still too little, but she does enjoy putting a glistening bracelet in her mouth or grabbing at a necklace in an attempt to asphyxiate me. But Kyleigh? Kyleigh is 4 and couldn't be happier to go through EVERY SINGLE piece of jewelry I own and ask me to wear it under the guise that we're "sharing." Today she wore the Crystal Brulee necklace & bracelet from J.Crew, a glittery headband, a pair of my heels, and a sequin clutch that she filled with 50% of my bracelets & brooches. She kept asking me to put things in the clutch raving that it would be, "just lovely" and wandering around saying, "shoe-la-la" with a pigeon-toed pose.

Tiny & accessorized? So stinking cute.

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