Monday, May 7, 2012

happy list monday

On Friday afternoon, right after my students went home for the day I had to go down to meet with my principal to acknowledge that I was given my pink slip due to "a serious financial challenge" that will "affect programs, staff, and students at all levels."
For someone who puts everything into her career, this is one of those things that is infuriating & disappointing. I'm also a natural-born worrier,  but instead of being sad, I've decided be awesome instead.

Is this happy list more difficult to write? Without a doubt. But, I think that also makes it the most important happy list that I've ever written. I could cry, yell, and point fingers at who should have been let go instead but instead I'm going to put my energy into finishing out the year, finding something for September, and separating my life & career from one another.

Without further ado, let's get to what's making me happy today:

71.          toddler art work
{Kyleigh has been drawing birds these days. Are you seeing how stinking cute this is?!}

72.          animal print apparel & accessories
{like this Ann Taylor cardigan that I found at The GW for $7!}

73.          candles {especially Voluspa candles}

74.          getting a great parking spot {extra happiness when this happens during rain, cold, &/or snow}
75.          bacon... i love me some bacon.

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