Sunday, May 13, 2012

sunday special

A little weekly review in pictures:

1. Yummy smelling soy candles & some faux dandelions.
2. Fueling a nailpolish addiction
3. Penguin balloon animals?! Phenomenal.
4. Locking my keys in my car... again. Thanks, AAA.
5. Some weekend reading. Getting ready to administer NECAP science.
6. Michael Bolton writes children's books. Life is hilarious.
7. Finally found a maxi dress with a skirt long enough to cover my feet.
8. J.Crew bauble & a shimmering skirt.
9. White Russian from the Oyster House where JFK used to frequent.
10. Lilies of the Valley from one of my kiddos.
11. This movie was... exactly what you would expect.
12. Teacher appreciation week. I even won a prize!

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