Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tuesdays are happy, too

Work is back in full swing & I'm loving it. Last week I spent the majority of my work week sick as a dog {as you may remember me mentioning} and so I came back to a wreck of a classroom. The substitutes I had {3 different people!} were not so delightfully awesome. One even went so far as to not give my class any of information for their reports, homework, or their math assignments. She also went through my stuff. Not awesome, friendo.

Yesterday I stayed late to get things back in order & update my classroom library {new adopted goodies & such} so I didn't get back in time to post a happy list. Fear not! Tuesday is a good time to be happy, too.

51.      curling up to watch TV after a long day of work {or anything, really}
52.      birchbox {surprises in your mailbox EVERY month!? Yes, please}
53.      listening to a funny conversation between two people. Bonus points if those people are little kids. Super bonus points if they're little kids talking about something like Pokemon books. This is apparently serious business.
54.      spray paint. It will change your life... or at least your possessions.
55.      home movies

In other news, my school bowling league came in second place. I assure you that I had nothing to do with it, but I'll reap the benefits of bragging rights anyway.

you can see my other Happy Lists here or you can just review the list below.

1.        organization
2.        brand new {Crayola} crayons
3.        forehead kisses
4.        the grainy look of a black & white picture
5.        calligraphy
6.        clean sheets
7.        making a meal that turns out perfectly- the first time you cook it!
8.        rollercoasters
9.        the feel of brand new socks
10.      watching my cats sleep in weird places/positions
11.      the idea of an elephant in a suit
12.      spoonfuls of cream cheese
13.      watching a student go out of his/her way for a classmate
14.      owls
15.      pink & gray
16.      Once Upon a Time
16.5    You fabulous readers
17.      handwritten letters in the mail
18.      teensy weensy, itty-bitty, kissable, nibble-able baby fingers
19.      The winter holiday season allowing me to wear sequins to work.
20.      turbo-speed internet
21.      putting glitter on anything & everything
22.      waking up to an impeccably clean apartment
23.      playing {and winning} a new board game
24.      teaching blogs
25.      spinach pie
26.      finding a perfume sample I like & storing it in my sock drawer
27.      the intial feeling that I might win a contest I've entered
28.      playing on a swing set
29.      big purses
30.      going a whole day without watching TV
31.      getting a strike in bowling
32.      printables
33.      reruns of Golden Girls
34.      50% off sales coupons
35.      unique jewelry
36.      pinterest
                                       5 from the holiday edition
37.      Hood golden eggnog
38.      sequins
39.      wrapping paper
40.      Bing Crosby's rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside
41.      gingerbread houses

42.      getting a great deal on just about anything
43.      BHG Do It Yourself magazine
44.      puzzles 
45.      trips to the craft store
46.      getting a really great deal in my email from Couptopia
47.      taking a long shower when you aren't feeling well
48.      colored denim {I am LOVING this trend}
49.      Mountain Dew
50.      smoothies

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