Thursday, March 15, 2012

thursday 13: i wish i wish i wish

Today's Thursday 13 is all about wish lists. What's on your wishlist? Here's mine:

1.      A celebrity wardrobe. Rachel Zoe, are you listening?!?

2.      One room for all my clothes & accessories

3.      a maid. Mostly just to scrub the tub & do the dishes.
4.      a digital DSLR. I don't even really care what kind.

5.      The hair stylist from Pretty Little Liars to style my hair every morning.

6.      Veronica Mars back on the air. I think Rob Thomas needs to make up for the atrocity that was season 3.

7.      Beer to taste like cotton candy. Or fried dough. Or anything I enjoy consuming. It would make going out MUCH less expensive. Cocktails are wallet drainers.

8.     Free manicures for life. I'd even settle for free regular manicures.

9.      Flip-Hop Bunny Sandals. They have little cotton tails! Are you kidding?

10.      Ikea. I don't want to own it, I'd just like it if there was one closer than an hour away.

11.      lower prices at Anthropologie {BHLDN, too}. I think I've said enough.

12.      the ability to sing. The ability to sing well. Perhaps something like Taylor Swift?

13.      HBO to start streaming on netflix instant.

Aunie Sauce


  1. AMAZING list! Hair stylist, maid, celebrity wardrobe yes please! =)

  2. :) I'm thinking maybe I should have asked for a fleet of maids so I could take a few to work with me.

  3. I love love love your list! I definitely need a room for all my girly accessories and stuff..and a personal hair stylist would be awesomeeeee.


    Miranda Leigh


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