Thursday, March 8, 2012

thursday 13: on a deserted island

I'm back with my second Thursday 13 link up. So what am I listing today? 13 things {realistic or frivolous} I want with me on a deserted island.

1. my ipod
I'll need this for all that dancing that I like to do.

2. a good book
So I actually read pretty quickly & I think I'd need more than one good book.

3. My stack of unread magazines. It's constantly growing & I'd love to spend some time on a deserted island reading them.

4. an ipad {with wifi}
I don't have one, but I would totally Scrabble all day with friends who aren't on the deserted island.

5. sunscreen
While I want sleek & golden legs, I don't want to burn to a crisp. Skin cancer isn't for this girl.

6. Some fabulous, floppy, over-the-top hats.
Am I the only one who has a penchant for things that have no practical use in her everyday life?

7. Amelie {again with wifi}
My computer, not the movie {although I love it}. I need access to photobooth & all my files. What if I fill up my camera and need to transfer everything.

8. My camera
How silly of me not to put this as the very first thing! In my mind, this deserted island is like something out of The Hunger Games except safe & sane.

9. The Devil Wears Prada
I'll need it for those nights when I feel restless. It's my go-to flick and I need it with me all the time.

10. Paul Rudd
Yup. I said it.

11. my tiny taters
If my bitties aren't with me, I'll feel so lonely. They are young & energetic. They are my favorite little people & the bright spot to my day.

12. friends
I know it's a deserted island & I am probably supposed to be alone on it. Let's face it, I'm no Tom Hanks and I can't make friends with Wilson the volleyball. I need some fantastic people with me to frolic in the sand and help me crack open coconuts.

13. Finally, a speedboat so I can return to reality whenever I'm ready.

Oh my goodness, why isn't my list more frivolous?!

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  1. Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies too-I love me some Ann Hathaway! Saying Hi from your newest blog follower!!

  2. The Devil Wears Prada is sooo my go to chick flick as well! Having that and fabulous floppy hats I believe will make you the most glamorous desserted island chick! =)

  3. @Erica Thanks for the follow! She's so cute & I love the clothes.

    @Chloe Just hearing the words floppy hats makes me want to rush out, buy, and wear some all around town!


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