Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday 13- ways i spend my time

Since I'm always excited to take part in bloggy events with other bloggers, I'm happy to be joining up with Annelise from aunie Sauce to take part in Thursday 13. Today's task is to list favorite ways to spend your time on a daily/weekly/monthly/fun basis.

So, friends here they are. 13 of the things I enjoy doing regularly.

1. pinning away on pinterest. So much pinteresting. I just can't get enough of it! I love that I'm not alone in this addiction. I am disappointed when I miss a day of pinteresting, too.

2. Organizing & list writing. I love it so. Whether it's books, cabinets, teaching supplies, makeup, cleaning supplies, DVDs, whatever. If it can be organized or made into a list, I'm on it. I've never met a to-do list I didn't love.

3. Partaking in some mindless, entertaining television.
just a few of the current shows I enjoy watching whenever I can.

4. visiting Boston. It's my favorite city & I just love it. I don't even need an agenda to have a spectular time <3

5. making/drinking smoothies. This also extends to searching for recipes to make new & delicious smoothies and also, checking to see if Juiced Up is open so I can get a scrumptious green smoothie in my bread basket.
a good source for delicious recipes

6. Reading. Whether it's one of my favorite blogs, a magazine, the subtitles in a foreign film, or a great book {I'm currently reading The Magicians courtesy of the talented Daniel over at Manchester Oblique} I love to read. I wish I could make more time to do it for my own enjoyment each & every day.

7. Dancing. I like to do it alone or with friends. With music or without. In the shower or on dry land. If I can't dance, I'm not going.

8. Listening to music. {See #7}

9. Adding glitz to things. Usually this involves spray paint or a jar of glitter.

10. Eating. After breathing & sleeping it's probably the third thing I do the most in the world & it's oh so enjoyable. In fact, if I haven't eaten stay out of my way. You don't want to get involved in that.

11. Karaoke. I love when I can talk people into coming up to do it with me so I won't just giggle into the mic uncontrollably the whole time. It's so much ridiculous fun.

12. visiting/playing with my favorite little people on earth.

13. Getting dressed up. I don't even mind if my nails are done, my hair is curled & I'm wearing a dress fit for the best party in town only to stay in and eat pizza.
Aunie Sauce

What do you enjoy doing?


  1. This was a super fun post! Great Thursday 13! I love dancing, singing, and pinterest as well! Such amazingly fun things! Great pictures and fun post! =)

  2. Thanks :). This was a fun one because I don't look back at my pictures often enough. I should have put that as one of the things I enjoy!


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