Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting My Learn On

I didn't want to turn this into a blog about teaching, but since that's my profession, it would be difficult if the blog & teaching paths never crossed. Recently, I moved from second grade to fourth grade. It's a huge difference working with second graders as they start their year and working with fourth graders in the middle of the year. If you add the immensely sad circumstances that brought me there, it's a recipe for some strange times.

I am scrounging to find some things to make the space my own. I really like the look of a warm, colorful, welcoming classroom. I think that's why I like the little guys so much. All of the K-2 supplies {Carson-Dellosa, I love you} make you want to stay in the classroom all day. I apologize if I'm absent, but I can't concentrate on much more than the questions that are bouncing around in my brain about how the classroom should look, how I'm going to manage behaviors, and keeping up with the grading.

I'm sad that it's already the 25th and I haven't gotten to put much time into my 30 for 30. I am definitely still going to take the challenge, but it will probably take more than 30 days. Between the outside temperatures & the fact that my classroom is hot, hot, hot I might end up in a few t-shirts on the weekends that I'm in there working my educator magic.

Does anyone remember anything about 4th grade or know where to get some furniture on the cheap {or better yet... free}?

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