Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bake Bake Bake Senora

via Dujour Magazine

My favorite memories of my grandmother revolve around her in the kitchen. She made the best food {except one episode where she tried her hand at chinese chicken and the smell alone repulsed me.} I would come home after playing a rousing game of dodgeball and she would have these double chocolate chip cookies baked. Not just enough for us to eat. Oh no. That wasn't her. There would be something like 7 dozen of these cookies. Did I mention she had 8

To this day, I can't find a whoopie pie that I like nearly as much as hers. No one I know has ever heard of a polka dot brownie made the way I know them. Spinach pita was the only way I would touch that freakish green vegetable. Lasagna... mmm... it's my favorite dish to this day. I have found a rival lasagna, in case you're wondering.

Every day I get emails with recipes for things that I think look like something my grandmother would have loved to make. Today's recipe was for homemade oreos. For reals? I MUST give them a try. My beloved cookbooks could use a break and it's 12 degrees over here, so my oven will warm the place up nicely. Usually I find great recipes from Martha Stewart {love love love her} or Dujour magazine {have you heard of it? It's girlish fun & full of DIYs and recipes.}

Do you have a favorite recipe?

{P.S. I do more than bake, but baked goods are just so much fun! Have you ever used 2 of my favorite cupcake books?}

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