Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new career?

I had a moment. It was a brief moment, but a moment nevertheless. What was this moment you ask? It was the moment I decided that I'm not just growing out my hair but also my bangs. This lasted about 2 weeks and then my bangs started getting all curly, disheveled and downright frightening.

Normally I go to the one & only Michelle {a.k.a Michelleeeee or My-Chelly if you're pretty much sisters} for my haircuts, but the madness was just too much to bear. After perusing my old issues of Bust, I came across an article on a DIY bang trim. I grabbed my sharpest scissors, put a towel down over the sink and went to work. The last time I trimmed my own bangs was in 7th grade so you can probably imagine how frightened I was about how they would turn out.

They aren't so bad, right? Have I found a new career trimming bangs? Perhaps... perhaps.

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