Monday, July 4, 2011

let's kick the tires & light the fires

Happy 4th of July, friends! I hope you had an absolutely wonderful long weekend full of soaking up the sun & eating tasty food. To steal a line from the movie Independence Day {did that really come out in 1996?!}, "Let's kick the tires & light the fires!" I know I'm prepared for whatever July is going to bring. Today was also Igby's Independence Day. Yes Igby was allowed to venture outside where he promptly rolled around in the dirt, sniffed leaves, and looked adorable.
Anyway, I wore a pair of shorts on Saturday {slap my hand} because babysitting & frolicking with 2 kids under 5 is hard work and it's even more difficult when you can't run around outside with them. I gave it a shot- it was okay but not really much different than the days where I'm partaking in the "challenge." So I'm back and working on Day 9 even though I really did love being able to wear shorts, a tank, & a blazer. Here are days 7 & 8- please excuse Day 7's dress wrinkles :) This is what happens when you're sitting for a while... also when you don't bother with ironing. 

                           Day 7 & I'm not sure why my foot looks the way it does, but it's a little bit awesome and a lot bit creepy.

                         What the heck?! My skirt looks wrinkled in this picture, but I promise it wasn't! I do own & operate my iron on a regular basis. 
                                                                  I got this clutch from Target for a mere $2.49. Loves it.

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