Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy List

Mumble grumble... why am I Slackerella? Slackerhontoas? SlackerLightYear...

If only I could stay up past 9 p.m. and get up before the sun rises. Will you settle for a happy list?

Excellent. Excellent. I love you so.

26.    finding a perfume sample I like in a magazine & putting it in my sock drawer.
27.    entering a contest & the initial thought that maybe, just maybe that is going to be my winning moment.
28.    playing on a swing set & laughing until you can't stand
29.    big purses- because as cute as a clutch or a little purse is, you just can't store the kitchen sink in   them...
30.    going a whole day without watching TV

1.        organization
2.        brand new {Crayola} crayons
3.        forehead kisses
4.        the grainy look of a black & white picture
5.        calligraphy
6.        clean sheets
7.        making a meal that turns out perfectly- the first time you cook it!
8.        rollercoasters
9.        the feel of brand new socks
10.      watching my cats sleep in weird places/positions
11.      the idea of an elephant in a suit
12.      spoonfuls of cream cheese
13.      watching a student go out of his/her way for a classmate
14.      owls
15.      pink & gray
16.      Once Upon a Time
16.5    You fabulous readers
17.      handwritten letters in the mail
18.      teensy weensy, itty-bitty, kissable, nibble-able baby fingers
19.      The winter holiday season allowing me to wear sequins to work.
20.      turbo-speed internet
21.      putting glitter on anything & everything
22.      waking up to an impeccably clean apartment
23.      playing {and winning} a new board game
24.      teaching blogs
25.      spinach pie

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