Thursday, January 12, 2012

and the winner is...

Every day I make up a new resolution for myself. Yesterday's resolution came to me after an enlightening moment when I opened my gmail inbox. Holy moly do I get a lot of emails for contests & giveaways. Seeing as how I am a big non-winner {it's completely different than loser. Look it up.} I never even bother entering these things. I have decided to enter every contest & giveaway that I come across. 1 week's stay at Disney? Sure, I'll give it a shot. Lifetime supply of potato chips? Why the heck not? Increasing the size of my- wait a minute! That's not a giveaway at all...

Don't get me wrong, I don't think most of these are much more than a ploy to get my email address on other mailing lists. As a girl who receives multiple copies of the Anthropologie catalog and emails from Parenting magazine {crafts & recipes, friends}, I'm not one to complain about junk mail. I figure if I think positively and enter 47 bajillion contests I'm bound to get a $25 amazon gift card or something, right?

Speaking of gift cards- I do believe it is time to start spending the few I got for Christmas. The dollar section at Target had better watch out. I've got some dollar dollar bills, yo and I'm ready for sweet VDay goodies.

Ooh, P.S. I am going to be posting a giveaway soon on the blog. I'm so excited!


  1. Tag! You’re It, and a winner of the Versatile Blogger Award @

    1. Whoo hoo! That's prize #1 for the year


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