Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy List

Do you ever wonder why Monday can't just be an extension of the weekend? It seems that it is the only fair way for the week to go. I mean, why do I have to work 5 days & rest for 2? Is it resting if I'm doing laundry, planning lessons, changing sheets, or worse {the dreaded kitty pan}? You think the unknown "they" will institute a 3 day weekend if I get enough signatures on a petition? I wonder... I just wonder.

30.    getting a strike in bowling. It almost doesn't matter that the remainder of the time my ball is in the gutter. :P
31.   printables. I love colored printers, don't you?
32.    reruns of The Golden Girls
33.    50% off sales/coupons. How glorious!
34.    unique jewelry.
35.    pinterest; how the heck is this number 35?!?!

I have decided to include the other Happy Lists here, for your viewing pleasure

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