Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's been a long time...

Has it really been 9 months since you last heard my witty banter?! No wedding, no babies {although I like to think I'd have a pretty stellar maternity wardrobe}, and no life-altering events that would cause me to have abandoned you in such a callous manner. I have only this: work is crazy, I enjoy my down-time watching Revenge & scarfing food eating, and it's been too cold to do anything but curl up in blankets. I apologize. Don't believe me? Okay... fine but, I'll try to be better.

So what was I doing that was so pressing I had to make this blog my sacrificial lamb? Allow me to show you IN COLOR!

July 2012- September 2012
Headed up to Montreal for the Jazz Festival narrowly missing Janelle Monae, an injustice from which I have yet to make a full recovery.
Jemiah on Fire & the Red Machine. These kids are all under 15 & they were so good!

Found a LivingSocial deal for a sunset cruise around Boston Harbor.

 I love this city!

I went camping on the Saco River on what was referred to as, "Party Island."
I spared you the shots of the other side of the island where the majority of the shenanigans went down. Like my deck furniture sitting on the beach? They were the most comfy chairs around.

Then I went to Lake George. I am OBSESSED with this place. It's like Patti Heaven!
Private lake area, canoe, & fire pit.

Hung out in the trees for 3 hours on an adventure course that was 12+ feet in the air. Kapooyah!

I packed up my stuff into a U-Haul and moved across the river to a new job... in a new grade.

I may have gone to feed a giraffe or two and been scorned. But no worries, friends. I still got in a viewing.
Kyleigh was devastated by the elephant bones that were on display. "He just wanted to have some fun and go to the zoo!"

October 2012- November 2012
I went to Quebec for the Festival des Coleurs & was taught how to ride a horse {en francais!}.

Had a birthday party with beloved college friends & celebrated in NYC.
There is no Dana, only Zuul.

Sigh... Please allow me to own you. Thank you.

Snapped a photo of this jazz singer singing me Happy Birthday. :)

Hosted Christmas Eve at my house & it was a hit! (Psst... the trick is in the beveraging.)
I love that everyone has a look of surprise or mid-word in this photo.

Wore a sparkly dress to a holiday party & I was overdressed {as a surprise to no one}.

January 2012- April 2012
Celebrated the new year with a scrumptious Italian dinner {Mangia, go & thank me later} & a hockey game with some friends.

Purchased a new & much needed new couch courtesy of my tax return.

Took the beau to the shooting range for Valentine's Day. Yes, I thought the juxtaposition of the shooting range & my dress would be wildly amusing. I was correct.
You can't tell because I'm dominating the target, but that's a heart. Yup. My fabulosity {it's a word, trust me} knows no bounds.
Are you thinking, "Did she wear those heels?" The answer is, I changed out of them for the shooting. You silly goose!

Learned that I have a little more work to do before realizing my dreams of becoming a figure skater.
Leather leggings & a lace shirt may make you feel like a figure skater, but I bet Kristi Yamaguchi never had to wear hockey skates.

Took an impromptu trip to the beach on the very first day it started to warm up. Cold weather can't stop me- I got you now!

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day wearing some phenomenal spectacles that are currently lost somewhere out in the world.

Joined my family in celebrating my niece's 5th birthday. {5?! Seriously? Where does the time go...}

Also, we were told Liam may have broken his arm in daycare. Poor prince. Luckily- no breaks!
That about brings us up to this point, unless you are curious what my cats are up to, also. In that case, please enjoy the photo of their latest endeavor.
Yes, that's the charger for my computer. I think it's obvious that my boys are terrible people.

What have you been up to for the past 9 months, cherubs?

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