Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy List Monday

106//animal gifs. Not just gifs either, also pictures. A golden retriever wearing jammies? Evoke the giggles & get out of the way.
107//Jaime Lannister. I don't care that you're the King Slayer or that you have a creepy relationship with your sister {you can do worse}. All I have left to say is Hubba hubba.
108//Iced coffee. It's like drinking coffee ice cream AND you can transport it without the stigma of being that weirdo carrying around a bowl of ice cream. Not that I'm above doing that. Because I definitely would.
109//The return of Arrested Development on May 26th. You'll find me on my couch laughing maniacally & wiping Smartfood crumbs off my face. Participate if you'd like.
110//Sonic the Hedgehog. I used to be a Sonic master. I will earn back my seat on the throne.

 Want to see the first hundred or so? Clickito Skipito!

It's been a while since my last Happy List Monday post. Why make Happy lists? Well, you can see the original post here. But, allow me to elaborate a bit. Mondays, in general, stink. Why start off the week grumpy? No matter how late you woke up, how many things you have to accomplish on your To-Do list, how many meetings/deadlines you have this week, or if you had to fight your kids to get them out the door this morning the fact is this: there are little things that are going to make you smile throughout the day. If we let little things bother us {amiright, ladies?} why not let little things cheer us up?

Can I let you in on a little secret? I keep a little notebook where I jot down thoughts, ideas, inspiration, things that make me smile. It's like the diary that won't be embarrassing to read in 10 years. Brain yoga! This notebook includes a stash of Happy lists especially for the days when I just wish there had been a few more hours in my Sunday {okay, who doesn't wish for that every weekend?} or I am feeling particularly belligerent, bubbling over with bile and feeling like The Grinch wasn't all that bad {it happens, okay?}. The mean reds and all that.
You know what I'm saying?

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