Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Let's Talk Shop

I had always heard about Penney's. It was the elusive store that my grandmother would rave about and older women at work would tell me about their great deals. Obviously it couldn't be anything like Anthropologie or J.Crew and therefore not worth my crush.


It wasn't until a former coworker introduced to the magic that is JCP that I fully grasped what I have been missing all this time. Jumping jehosaphat! <-- I don't really talk like that, but I figured I'd give it a try. I started out like any junkie would. Just a small sampling of the women's department until I chose to up my dose just a little. "I'll just check out junior's and lingerie." I uttered as I nonchalantly made my way to this new territory. I needed more!

A Petite's area? How curious...
Dresses? I should say it wouldn't hurt to try on one or two, you know, just to see.
What is that sound? ::Looks around:: Are those earrings pleading with me to take them home?!

Now I'm like a full-blown addict making my way around the store.

I swear that when I walk in birds suddenly appear, I can see the light, I hear the whisper of sirens singing to lure me closer. to. my. death. My death, of course, being the clearance racks & shoe department. It's the only store where I can wait until things go on sale and they do... in my size!

My best steals?

$2 each for sequin leggings & snakeprint leggings and $10 for a pair of leather boots.

Have you ever been? If you haven't, let's make a date. Come with me, I'll teach you the ropes.

Psst! In other news, my half birthday is in one month. Just saying.

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