Thursday, July 5, 2012

love notes

It's been a little while since I posted my last set of love notes. Do you remember when I posted them here? Well, they're back.

Dear Frank Sinatra,
     I heart your music. I heart it a lot. Even though I've heard that you were quite a butthead in your day, I'm going to pretend that you were just a sweet crooner.
                                                                     I Think I've Flown Before

Dear Pedicures,
     I think you're pretty swell. I like a good calf massage & a pop of color on my tootsies as much as the next girl. Sometimes your water is a little too hot for me, but I suck it up in the name of beauty. Thanks for always making my toes smile.
                                                                       One Happy Camper

Dear Vogue,
     We've been spending time together now for quite a number of years. I like to think of us as good friends. I love what you offer me & I always treat you with the utmost care. That said, if I ever open to a full page ad with Cameron Diaz again we will have words.
                                                            You Know What You Did

Dear Waitresses,
     I'm not going to mince words on this one. I've had my fair share of horrendous service. Some of you are tremendous & delightful. Yesterday I was sent one of you who hooked me up with a kid's meal served in a cardboard boat. This was Uh-Mazin' in itself. When I asked for a fresh boat untainted by food, she did not dismiss my wishes. I find that to be swell.
                                                              Forever a Kid at Heart

Dear Bath and Body Works,
     It's been a long time since we saw one another. You looked well. I think we shared a moment when the kid behind the counter hunted down a specific scent for me and I bought the world's greatest air freshener. As always, you don't disappoint. {Unlike your sister Victoria's Secret with a serious lack of maxi skirts & an overabundance of sweatpants}.

Dear Jamiah on Fire and the Red Machine,
      I was fortunate enough to hear your Blues act recently & I must say I was impressed. At 11, 13, & 17 you made me wonder, "Is it too late to take up the recorder and become part of their act?" But in all seriousness, holy wow!
                                                           Consider This Girl a New Fan

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