Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zenni-one Can Have Some

I have misplaced my favorite pair of glasses somewhere. They're probably at school or in one of my teaching bags. I'm guessing that since I can't find the eyeglass case for them that wherever they are, they're safe... Whatever. If they don't want to help me see then I can't help that.
What I can do {and did do} is get some new glasses. In comes Zenni Optical. My new favorite place to buy glasses on the low. If I didn't misplace or sit on my glasses, I'd buy myself a more expensive pair. Lenscrafters would probably like it if I actually bought the designer glasses I try on regularly. Let's face it, I'd tire of them quickly. I need variety. Until I become an adult and learn to take care of the things that "improve" my vision, Zenni is perfect.
So I got not one, but FOUR new pairs of glasses for under $100. In fact, if you really want to know I'll tell you that with shipping, all 4 glasses came to $46.70 and would have been a little less if I had decided to get the fourth pair at the same time as the other three. But, noooooooo. I realized after pressing the order confirmation button that what I REALLY needed were some tortoise-shell glasses.

The shipping isn't exactly the fastest, but I've been satisfied with the other two pairs I bought from them, so I'll keep going back as long as they keep having glasses that look good on me. Should I post pics when they come in? Perhaps so. Perhaps so.

It's a cold, dreary, rainy day here in NH. The perfect day for doing nothing. I like this :).

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